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2018D.5.5: Summary report on case study: The contribution of innovative technologies to decarbonise industrial process heat
Herbst, Andrea; Fleiter, Tobias; Rehfeldt, Matthias; Lux, Benjamin; Pfluger, Benjamin; Sensfuß, Frank; Bernath, Christiane; Marañón-Ledesma, Hector; Scherwath, Tim; Holz, Franziska
2018Knowledge base combinations and firm growth
Grillitsch, Markus; Schubert, Torben; Srholec, Martin
Journal Article
2018Scenario analysis of a low-carbon transition of the EU industry by 2050: Extending the scope of mitigation options
Herbst, Andrea; Fleiter, Tobias; Rehfeldt, Matthias
Conference Paper