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Fraunhofer is tackling the current challenges facing industry head on. By pooling their expertise and involving industrial partners at an early stage, the Fraunhofer Institutes involved in the projects aim to turn original scientific ideas into marketable products as quickly as possible.



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The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the leading organisation for applied research in Europe. Institutes and research facilities work under its umbrella at various locations throughout Germany.

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    Holistic Approach for Digitalized Quality Assurance in Battery Cell Production
    In this paper, we introduce a holistic approach to consider quality assurance (QA) for battery cell production (BCP). The framework, the explanation of the individual components as well as their interfaces and dependencies, and a detailed description are presented. Firstly, the level of necessary data (e. g. provided by online and out-of-line measurement systems) for the inspection of quality is presented. The aggregation of the recorded data as well as their tracing are ensured by the realization of a traceability system. Subsequently, by defining a suitable intelligent quality gate system, QA mechanisms are implemented and an active influence on production - e. g. by adaptive process control or identifying and reducing negative influence of cause-effect relationships - is aimed at. Finally, optimization of BCP in terms of product quality and its sustainability will be enabled. The evaluation of the demonstrated approach in practice is outlined based on an exemplary process of BCP.
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    A battery value chain independent of primary raw materials: Towards circularity in China, Europe and the US
    ( 2024)
    Wesselkämper, J.
    Dahrendorf, L.
    Mauler, L.
    von Delft, S.
    As the production of batteries for electric vehicles continues to grow, so does the demand for primary battery raw materials. Against the supply risks and environmental issues associated with raw material mining and transportation, battery material circularity has become a burgeoning topic in academia, policy, and industry. While prior research has explored secondary supply and demand, an important gap remains regarding the break-even points (BEPs) where full circularity is reached (secondary supply = demand). Using a material flow analysis, this study offers two contributions: First, it calculates the BEPs for critical raw materials (lithium, cobalt, nickel) in different regions. The results show that China will realize full circularity more than ten years earlier than Europe and the US for lithium and nickel and seven years earlier for cobalt. Second, it identifies levers (e.g., earlier full electrification) that can accelerate full circularity, thereby demonstrating how independence from primary raw materials can be achieved earlier.
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    Flexible Integration von Elektroautos: Wie können Einsteckverhalten und Ladevorgänge unterschiedliche Flexibilitätsziele erreichen?
    ( 2023)
    Gschwendtner, Christine
    Knoeri, Christof
    Die zunehmende Anzahl an Elektroautos kann sowohl eine Herausforderung darstellen als auch Flexibilitätsziele, wie z.B. die Verringerung von Lastspitzen, unterstützen. In einem dreijährigen Forschungsjprojekt wurde untersucht, wie das Zusammenspiel von unterschiedlichen Einsteckverhalten und Ladevorgängen verschiedene Flexibilitätsziele erreichen kann. Dieser Artikel zeigt Trade-Offs zwischen diesen Zielen auf und identifiziert besonders vorteilhafte Ladestrategien - je nach Eigenschaften der Netzgebiete.
  • Publication
    The interplay between innovation, standards and regulation in a globalising economy
    ( 2024) ;
    Münch, Florian
    To examine the different roles of regulation and standards in the age of globalisation, we hypothesize and investigate the relation of regulation and national and international standards on the one hand with innovation input (R&D expenditure) and innovation output (patents) on the other hand. The analysis is based on data of 26 high-income countries between 1998 and 2018. There are two main results. Firstly, international standards outperform both de-regulation and national standardisation as they are positively associated with R&D expenditure and patenting. On the other hand, national standards - once believed a source of competitiveness - are negatively related to patents and hence seem to localize economies and slow-down innovation. Secondly, de-regulation does not correlate positively with R&D expenditure, but with increased patenting. We argue the former suggest businesses did not - as assumed - spend freed up resources on R&D, but instead strategically used patenting to replace lost regulation-based protection with patent fences. This casts doubts on the added social value of de-regulation induced innovation.

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  • Publication
    AlN-based piezoelectric micropower generator for low ambient vibration energy harvesting
    ( 2011)
    Stoppel, F.
    Schröder, C.
    Senger, F.
    Wagner, B.
    Benecke, W.
    In this paper a resonant micropower generator based on the transverse piezoelectric effect is presented. The generator consists of a large silicon mass attached to an polysilicon cantilever covered with an AlN thinfilm as piezoelectric material. To maximize the power density of the generator, a parametric study by means of analytical modeling and FEM simulation has been performed. Different optimized generators with resonance frequencies in the range from 100 Hz up to 1 kHz have been designed and fabricated, using dedicated MEMS technology processes. First unpackaged prototypes showed a quality factor of about 500 under atmospheric pressure and were able to generate an electrical output power of up to 1.9 W at an external acceleration of 1.6 m/s 2.
  • Publication
    Urban change detection in TanDEM-X interferograms
    ( 2018)
    Welte, Amelie
    ; ;
    Hinz, Stefan
    The detection of changes in SAR images is important for many tasks. However, because of the long revisit times of SAR satellites, usually only amplitude change detection is performed. This situation has changed significantly with the advent of TanDEM-X, because with this formation single-pass interferograms from space can be achieved. In this paper we present an approach for urban change detection in time series of TanDEM-X interferograms, aiming at the detection of changes of large buildings. The approach has been developed on synthetic interferograms simulated with the parameters of the TanDEM-X data.
  • Publication
    Motivation in der Fraktalen Fabrik
    ( 1994)
    Drobek, R.
    Abele, U.
    Bacher, S.
    Die deutsche Industrie befindet sich in einer Phase des tiefgreifenden Umbruchs. Neue Konzepte, die Technik Organisation und Mensch gleichberechtigt mit einbeziehen, sollen die Unternehmen wieder fit für den Weltmarkt machen.